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Who We Are

Grants Office is a privately held, global grants services firm with offices all over the world. We are experts in grants development. As researchers, community planners, and specialized writers, we are committed to reducing barriers to funding. Grants Office provides the information and services that help you achieve many of your professional and organizational goals.


What We Do

Grants Office offers solutions for both for-profit and nonprofit clients. Our strategies allow customers to improve their specific grants development program by reducing costs and decreasing the burden on internal staff, time, and resources.

Grants Office provides a wide range of services to public sector, education, and healthcare agencies and private sector companies that serve these community institutions.

Grants Office empowers communities to advance their projects in the public and private sector through grants. We specialize in all types of funding from federal and state governments, international organizations, regional associations, and private sources.

As a global pioneer in grants information, Grants Office has offices in Amsterdam, New York, Singapore, and Sydney. Our consultants are native language speakers with localized expertise in the grant funding landscape for countries across the world. See our footprint below.


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