GRANT PROGRAM SNAPSHOT (Canada): Tourism Growth Program
GRANT PROGRAM SNAPSHOT (Canada): Tourism Growth Program

The TGP will help leverage tourism opportunities in communities, including those that are
rural and remote. The program also complements support for the tourism industry provided
through other federal, provincial and territorial programs. The Government of Canada’s seven
regional development agencies (ACOA, CED,CanNor, FedNor, FedDev Ontario, PrairiesCan,
PacificCan) will deliver this program, given that their mandate is to promote regional economic

Eligible projects should provide added value to existing activities in the tourism industry and
focus on business and economic growth. Priority may be given to projects that:
 • increase tourism benefits for communities by driving visitation from urban centres to rural
• support the Indigenous tourism industry
• support economic, environmental and cultural sustainability
• support active outdoor experiences
• extend the tourism season
• complement supports provided through provincial/territorial programs

Eligible applicants are Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities, small and medium-sized
businesses and not-for-profit organizations.

Each regional development agency has their own application procedures and deadlines.
Interested applicants should contact the appropriate agency directly for more information on
how to apply.