GRANT PROGRAM SNAPSHOT: 2023 HAVA Election  Security Funds
GRANT PROGRAM SNAPSHOT: 2023 HAVA Election Security Funds

The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023 provides payments to states for activities to improve the administration of elections for Federal office, including enhancing election technology and making election security improvements. Consistent with the requirements of HAVA, states may use this funding to

•     Replace voting equipment that only records a voter’s intent electronically with equipment that utilizes a voter-verified paper record.
•     Implement a post-election audit system that provides a high level of confidence in the accuracy of the final vote tally.
•     Upgrade election  related computer systems to address cyber vulnerabilities identified through Department of Homeland Security, or similar scans or assessments of, existing election systems.
•     Facilitate cybersecurity training for the state chief election official’s office and local election officials.
•     Implement established cybersecurity best practices for election systems; and
•     Fund other activities that will improve the security of elections for the Federal office, including physical security services and social media threat monitoring.